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Cofique case study: 

Cofique is a local coffee brand that aims to provide distinctive flavors and strong aroma that gives their drinkers an extraordinary coffee experience. Cofique provides a wide range of mixes that fulfill every individual’s desire for coffee. 

Cofiques Ramadan Campaign: 

The challenge: 

The client proposed that we create a way to make Cofique in people’s shopping list this Ramadan. The challenge was finding a creative way to meet with the clients’ wants. 

Ramadans campaign is focused on making Cofique in your shopping list. We created different scenarios for each influencer to do in their ads. The concept of the influencer Ad is based on making coffee at home after iftar, also using Cofique in Ramadan gatherings. To show convenience, value and the experience. We also created a huge contest to run on Cofiques social media accounts to gain more followers and create interaction. We created 20 baskets filled with all the coffee corner essentials and Cofique’s hot and cold sashes. These baskets were distributed to influencers and to the contest winners. During this campaign we created special links for each influencer to use in their ads, these links take their followers to all the online stores that sell Cofique. Through this link we had all the analytics of each influencer.

Services Provided

Client: Cofique

Year: 2021

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Project 2

Cofique proposed:

    • to increase sales of Cofique’s mixes (hot and cold)
    • To inform people that Cofique’s mixed pack is more affordable than a single cup of coffee from coffee shops. 
    • Cofique’s coffee tastes like coffee shops quality coffee  

The process:

The process began with creating a full strategy on how to meet Cofique’s proposed initiatives during the month of February. 

In February 2021 a lockdown for cafes & restaurants was applied in Saudi Arabia, this gave us the idea to create a full creative campaign that will meet Cofique’s objectives.

To promote Cofique’s qualities and product we decided on using influencers, but in a different and more creative way. We sent all of Cofique’s hot and cold flavors to each influencer, to show their viewers how easy it is to make it and talk about its quality and how affordable it is. To promote staying at home and being safe, we created a link using Linktree that has all the online stores that sell Cofique products, this link was created and designed for each influencer to use in their ads for customers to buy Cofique online and stay at home.

Services Provided

Client: Cofique

Year: 2021

Project Duration: 1 Weeks

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